Cloud for small business

Yellowbox makes it easy to get a server running in the cloud.
Most cloud providers will not take on small jobs,
but we specialize in just that.

Cloud computing is not just for the big players anymore.
Anybody can take advantage of a reliable 24/7 server that is
backed up and supported by Yellowbox.


At your service

No need to contract or hire someone to manage your new server.
We are here to help. Get a systems administrator assigned to your
team. We are here to help with the following:

Server setup Backups and Restores
Software installs Windows Updates
User setup VPN

Run your business in the cloud

So you want your buisness up running all the time. But are you worring about power surges, over heating
or even hardware failure? Plus, being a small business, you want to put your money towards other things
besides a huge I.T staff. Well, that is where
Yellowbox comes in to help. We want to see you suceed.
So let the professinals keep your apps running leaving you more time to run your business.

Disaster Recovery

Keep a copy of all your files online so that if the unspeakable would to happen, you
can restore everything and move on. Run a copy of a server in the cloud and never
worry about the power going out. When natural disasters hit, your company will stay
runing while you get back on your feet.

Multiple DataCenters

Los Angeles, California
Multiple 10-GIGE Backbone Uplinks
N, N+1, 2N UPSs, PDUs, and RPPs;
N+1 redundancy on generators
Orlando, Florida
Multiple carriers with
BGP Routing
Kent, UK
9 Megawatts and (150,000 sq ft)
of building space


1 GB Ram
40 GB Storage
Windows 2012 r2
2 GB Ram
75 GB Storage
Windows 2012 r2
Free Backups
VPN Included

*Software Installs
*Create and change users
*Install and manage vpn
*Backup/restore server and files
*upgrades and deletions




4 GB Ram
500 GB Storage
Windows 2012 r2
Free Backups
VPN Included
File Server

2 GB Ram
1TB Storage
Windows 2012 r2
Free Backups
VPN Included


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